Experience Warfare with Airsoft Combat in Yeovil

Although not as widely known as paintballing, airsoft is a similar activity that replaces paintball guns with real imitation firearms (RIFs) and paintballs with BB pellets. Primarily played by experienced paintballers, airsoft combat provides a more realistic warfare experience. Located in Yeovil, Somerset, the airsoft venue hosted by Avago Paintball is on the same site as our paintballing arena. The legal minimum age is 12 years old, when accompanied by an adult or guardian, and must wear full face protection.

The Required Equipment

Currently, we only have a few airsoft guns available for hire, meaning availability is limited, and the guns are usually hired by players who pre-book well in advance. Due to our limited equipment, most airsoft members attend with their own equipment. This will be fully checked and chronographed by our marshals to ensure that they are within the necessary safety limitations.

Biodegradable BB Pellets

Avago Paintball is situated on a working dairy farm, which means that all BB pellets must be biodegradable. This ensures that they are not toxic, hazardous, or harmful to livestock. Players are able to bring their own BBs, but they must be kept in field containers or bags and  clearly market as bio. For players without their own, purchasing biodegradable BBs from us costs £12 for a bag of 5,000. This is in addition to the walk-on cost of £20 per person.

Marshals Regulating Games

As with our paintballing, marshals are present throughout the day. However, they tend to act as in-game marshals during airsoft combat. This gives them an insight into when action is required as the game is getting taken too seriously or an issue has developed.

Airsoft soldier aiming down sight

UKARA Membership and Registration

Primarily we request that all airsoft players are members of the United Kingdom Airsoft Retailers Association (UKARA), although if you visit us regularly then UKARA membership is not needed. Being a UKARA-registered site ensures that we maintain health and safety standards, while it also allows us to purchase and sell real imitation firearms to those with a UKARA membership.

A Community Atmosphere

The airsoft players at Avago Paintball tend to have played the game together for a while, and have forged a strong and close community. This creates a friendly and inclusive atmosphere that always involves talk about the sport, tactics, and latest equipment.

For further information on our airsoft combat, call the team at our airsoft venue, in Yeovil, Somerset.

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